Tech Specifications

International Cross-Reference Chart

download1  International Cross-Reference Chart (228 downloads)

Product Availability Form

download1  Product Availability Form (260 downloads)

Aluminium Extrusions 7075

download1  Aluminium Extrusions 7075 (309 downloads)

Aluminium Extrusion 6082

download1  Aluminium Extrusion 6082 (651 downloads)
Aluminium Extrusion 6061

download1  Aluminium Extrusion 6061 (566 downloads)
Aluminium Extrusion 6063

download1  Aluminium Extrusion 6063 (377 downloads)
Aluminium Rolled 5083

download1  Aluminium Rolled 5083 (304 downloads)
Aluminium Rolled 5754

download1  Aluminium Rolled 5754 (357 downloads)
Aluminium Rolled 7075

download1  Aluminium Rolled 7075 (278 downloads)

Commercial-Purity Aluminium 1050

download1  Commercial-Purity Aluminium1050 (826 downloads)

AS-352 (DZR Brass)

download1  AS-352 (DZR Brass) (140 downloads)
CDA101 (Oxygen-Free-Electronic)

download1  CDA101 (Oxygen-Free-Electronic) (190 downloads)
CDA110 (Electrolytic Tough Pitch)

download1  CDA110 (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) (253 downloads)
CDA260 (Cartridge Brass, 70%)

download1  CDA260 (Cartridge Brass, 70%) (129 downloads)
CDA270 (Yellow Brass, 65%)

download1  CDA270 (Yellow Brass, 65%) (184 downloads)
CDA350 (Medium Leaded Brass, 62%)

download1  CDA350 (Medium Leaded Brass, 62%) (110 downloads)
CDA353 (High Leaded Brass, 62%)

download1  CDA353 (High Leaded Brass, 62%) (71 downloads)

CDA35330 (DZR Brass)

download1  CDA35330 (DZR Brass) (63 downloads)

CDA356 (Extra High Leaded Brass)

download1  CDA356 (Extra High Leaded Brass) (93 downloads)
CDA360 (Free-Cutting Brass)

download1  CDA360 (Free-Cutting Brass) (138 downloads)
CDA377 (Forging Brass)

download1  CDA377 (Forging Brass) (75 downloads)

 CDA37710 (Forging and Hollow Bar Brass)

download1  Forging and Hollow Bar Brass CDA37710 (159 downloads)

CDA385 (High Speed Machining Brass)

download1  CDA385 - High Speed Machining Brass (250 downloads)
CDA464 (Naval Brass, Uninhibited)

download1  CDA464 (Naval Brass, Uninhibited) (73 downloads)

CDA482 (Naval Brass, Medium Leaded)

download1  CDA482 (Naval Brass, Medium Leaded) (120 downloads)

CDA485 (Naval Brass, High Leaded)

download1  CDA485 (Naval Brass, High Leaded) (138 downloads)

CDA486 (DZR Brass)

download1  CDA486 (DZR Brass) (123 downloads)
CDA636 (Aluminium Silicon Bronze)

download1  CDA636 (119 downloads)

CDA642 (Aluminium Bronze)

download1  CDA642 (Aluminium Bronze) (150 downloads)

CDA64210 (Aluminium Silicon Bronze)

download1  CDA64210 (Aluminium Silicon Bronze) (119 downloads)

CDA65620 (Iron Silicon Bronze)

download1  CDA65620 (131 downloads)

CDA668 (Manganese Silicon Bronze)

download1 CDA668 (107 downloads)
CDA673 (Manganese Silicon Bronze)

download1  CDA673 (105 downloads)

CDA67310 (Manganese Silicon Bronze)

download1  CDA67310 (119 downloads)

CDA67410 (Manganese Silicon Bronze)

download1  CDA67410 (136 downloads)

CDA675 (Manganese Bronze A)

download1  CDA675 (Manganese Bronze A) (108 downloads)
CDA676 (Leaded Manganese Bronze)

download1  CDA676 (112 downloads)

 CDA686 (Manganese Bronze)

download1  CDA686 Manganese Bronze (138 downloads)
JIS-C3771 (Forging Brass)

download1  JIS-C3771 (Forging Brass) (123 downloads)
LG2 – (Leaded Gunmetal)

download1  LG2 - Leaded Gunmetal (166 downloads)
JIS-C6782 (Manganese bronze)

download1  Manganese bronze JIS-C6782 (141 downloads)

PB1 (Phosphor Bronze)

download1  PB1 - Phosphor Bronze (199 downloads)
Q214 (DZR Brass)

download1  Q214 (DZR Brass) (93 downloads)
S222 (Architectural Bronze, Low Leaded)

download1  S222 (Architectural Bronze, Low Leaded) (144 downloads)

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