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114 Voortrekker Road, Salt River | Tel: 021 – 511 0286 | Fax: 021 – 511 7538

Email: | Contact: Charl Kelland Cell: 0798780044

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Operating Hours

Monday-Thursday           7H30 – 16H30

Friday                              7H30 – 13H30 (STORES)  and  15H00 (SALES)



Bars and Rods Castings (Solids, Hollows and Blocks)
Sheets, Plates and Coils Various Alloy Solder Rods
Bronze Cash & Carry Section
Ingots Scrap Purchasing
Special Metals
Your one stop Metal Shop!
Cutting and guillotine services available. Material cut to size to your specifications.
Plate cutting up to 200 mm thickness.


Bars and Rods
Aluminium Rounds, Squares, Flats & Angles, Tubes – Round, Square and Rectangular
Brass Rounds, Squares, Hex, Hollowbars, Flats, Angles and Round Tubes
Copper Rounds, Squares and Busbars
Cast Iron Solid, Round
Bronze Solid and Hollow Rounds
Sheets, Plates and Coils
Aluminium Sheet up to 120mm, Treadplates & Coils
Alloys 1050, 6082 & 5754
Brass Sheets up to 75mm, Strip in Coil
Copper Sheets up to 50mm, Strip in Coil


LG2 Phosphor Bronze Solids and Hollowbars
PB1 Bronze Solids and Hollowbars
Graphoil Bronze
Oil Impregnated Solids and Hollowbars
Aluminium, Copper alloys, Gunmetals, Tin, Pure lead and Lead alloys


Various Alloy Solder Rods
Silver Solder 20%, 30% & 40%
Brass Brazing Rods 2mm dia, 3.18mm dia, 5mm dia & 6.35mm dia
Copper to Copper 94/6, 2% Ag in 3 mm dia
Speciality metals
Aluminium Bronze Extruded
Beryllium Copper
Tungsten Copper
Chrome Zirconium Copper


We will source all your metal requirements in any alloy, size or shape.

Round Solid & Tube
Flat bar
Tile Trim
Bus Tube


Castings (Solid rounds, Hollows & Blocks)
Aluminium Bronze
Copper Base
Brass Base
Cash & Carry Section
Visit our warehouse where you will find a vast range of offcut pieces in bronze, cast iron, brass, aluminium, etc in both extrusion and sheet form. Material sold voetstoots.

Scrap Purchasing
We are keen purchasers of non-ferrous scrap arisings, in minimum 100 kg lots per item.
Please contact Mark Saven on 083 7893133 or

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Sales Team:
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Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Non-ferrous Metals in South Africa.

Besides an extrusion division and component manufacturing facility, NFM have the capability of casting a vast number of alloys in a number of billet diameters and under the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. This provides the enterprise the opportunity to offer clients and customers the best quality and the most competitive prices.

Non Ferrous Metal Works (SA) (PTY) LTD

288 Balfour Road Jacobs

Durban South Africa 4001

+27 31 480 7388